SAPIC is an APA Accredited Internship Program

Interns participate in the following didactics:

1) Monthly “Major Presentations” are provided by agency and/or local psychologists or other trained mental health professionals, and interns. Interns are required to present 1 major presentation during their internship year. Major presentations are open to La Frontera (our host institution) staff and to the local community.

2) Monthly “Minor Presentations” are primarily provided by interns, but can include agency and/or local psychologists, and other trained mental health professionals.  These presentations are less formal and generally closed to the SAPIC program.  Interns are required to present 1 minor presentation during their internship year.

3) “Assessment Seminar” is provided every two weeks by SAPIC faculty, including a post-doctoral associate faculty.  This seminar surveys current interns for previous experience and current interest and uses the time to review assessment cases, teach instruments, consult on current intern testing, and review findings and interpretations of test results.

4) “Professional Seminar” is provided every two weeks by SAPIC faculty, including a post-doctoral associate faculty.  This seminar provides interns with various supervision models, the opportunity to discuss strengths and weaknesses as a supervisor, and whenever possible, to provide interns with the opportunity to “coach” an extern and/or LFC peer/provider.  In addition to discussing the supervision process, the professional seminar covers areas of career development, including post-doctoral opportunities and strategies, studying for the EPPP examination, the art of networking, and a sample of career options.

5) LFC offers numerous training opportunities for a number of “Best Practice” treatment modalities, such as Behavioral Interventions, Motivations Interviewing, DBT, Seeking Safety, and ACT.  LFC also supports, depending on availability and intern’s schedule, involvement in various clinical initiatives, such as Trauma Informed Care Consult Group, Veterans Services, and the LGBTQ Committee.

6) LFC/SAPIC offer interns a $150 training stipend to be used during the internship year for a professional development experience of the intern’s choice (with Training Director’s prior approval).

APA Commission on Accreditation contact information:

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Washington, DC 20002-4242
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Mayday Levine

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EMPACT-Suicide Prevention Center, La Frontera center, La Frontera Mariachi and La Frontera Partners all are members of La Frontera Arizona