Clinical Supervision Component

SAPIC is an APA Accredited Internship Program

Individual Clinical Supervision
In order to promote exposure to training in different theoretical orientations and therapeutic approaches, each intern has a variety of clinical supervisors across the rotation placements. Weekly individual supervision is conducted by licensed psychologists, with additional supervision provided by other clinical staff (usually in a group supervision format) who have specialized expertise in specific areas where the intern is working. The supervisor for each rotation is a psychologist employed at the agency and based at the rotation site.

Group Clinical Supervision
Interns and staff participate together in weekly supervision, which focuses on case reviews, assessments, and broader clinical and professional issues. Tapes of therapy sessions are presented, with the entire group providing constructive feedback regarding dynamics and therapeutic issues.

Intern progress is evaluated formally quarterly: the 1st and 3rd quarters are brief and less formal; the 2nd and 4th quarters are more comprehensive and formal. Interns also formally evaluate their supervisors and the SAPIC program at the end of the year. Informal verbal feedback is frequently given throughout the year.

Click here to download SAPIC Policy 8: Telesupervision


APA Commission on Accreditation contact information:

American Psychological Association
Program Consultation and Accreditation
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
(202) 336-5979




Liz Dampsey, PhD
(520) 306-6922


EMPACT-Suicide Prevention Center, La Frontera center, La Frontera Mariachi and La Frontera Partners all are members of La Frontera Arizona

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